worst. game. ever.

7 08 2007

I want to educate my readers about the worst game in history. It’s called kancho, and it sucks. Here’s how it works:

1. Take your hands and clasp them together with your index and middle fingers pointing out.

2. Find a friend.

3. Shove the hand gesture-thing you’ve made into your friend’s ass.

4. Repeat ad nauseum.

I spent 20 minutes in the kindergarten today, and was kancho‘d probably 100 times. Thankfully these are young kids who fail to use proper form, so it was more like getting spanked by 15 (very cute) 4-year olds. Oh, and there were the two boys and a girl who were attempting to grope the other end. I knew the JET essays weren’t kidding when they said younger kids had an interest in the size of men’s and women’s respective packages, but experiencing it first hand (puns!…so good) is terrifying. And they’re still so damn cute; it’s an odd juxtaposition.

Conveniently, they were easily quelled by a variation of the gaijin smash: pretend to be Godzilla and pick up the squirmiest one while tickling the rest.




One response

24 08 2007

As a matter of fact, I think that sounds like an excellent game. Clear objective, simple rules… I intend to spread it frivolously.

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