homesickness manifest through coffee

16 03 2008

With the snow melting and little likelihood of me driving 4 hours to go snowboarding on a slushy hill, I was left with a completely plan-free weekend. What ever to do?!


Not shopping the way girls do–I’m a quickly-look-around-a-store kind of guy. So, I came home with a few shirts, a kitchen scale and a siphon. Very exciting stuff.

More exciting was the presence of a Starbucks. I don’t particularly love their coffee, but like McDonalds, no matter where you are in the world, you know exactly what your banira ratte is going to taste like. Even if it sounds a little…funny.

But this vanilla latte was special. I had one sip, felt the warmth spreading down my chest, and then all of a sudden was overwhelmed with thoughts of the local Starbucks at Penn. It was the weirdest thing. I was walking past shirts that said “If want love experience/fried chicken time,” but I was seeing Van Pelt and College Hall.

In a somewhat emotional week with graduations left and right, teachers getting ready to do the school-to-school shuffle, and facing the stark reality of Japan’s declining birthrate as each entering class gets smaller, I guess the only thing powerful enough to make me feel homesick was the sweet, sweet nectar of a Starbucks grande vanilla latte.

N.B. The school-to-school shuffle is not an official term, but every April, seemingly at random, teachers and other public officials get transferred to new locations. Some teachers request this, so they can, for example, be closer to their families. It’s not uncommon for a wife (sometimes with kids) to live in a small town ,while the father works and lives (in that order) in a city 3 hours away. Basically, there’s a lot of shuffling that takes place, and it’s another excuse for two giant drunkofest parties.

Also, I realize there’s a two month void of posts.  I’m working on it.  Slowly.  They were dull, dark wintry months, and right now I’m busy getting excited about spring.




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17 03 2008

My mom bought me yogurt last week. The flavor? Banilla. I thought I was dreaming.

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