the birds

5 04 2008

I was waiting for a friend outside Sapporo Station, just people (and bird) watching. This large (really large by Japanese standards) man comes and sits a few benches away from me and begins feeding the pigeons. Not a big deal. I’ve seen this before.

Some junior high girls come too and whip out a bag of bread from their backpack and begin feeding the pigeons too. I guess I had stumbled into a pigeon feeding convention or something. I guess, though, that there’s a lack of stigma with pigeons here that there is in cities in the States. This man was totally content, not only with feeding the birds, but with having them climb all over him to get at the bread waiting in his hands. The girls were the same way.

And I guess I was too. One of the girls suddenly comes up to me and puts a piece of bread in my hand, which was immediately followed by five or six pigeons. I could have been grossed out by it, but I was really just enjoying the weather and noticing how interaction with animals has such an effect on me (and other people too, it seems).

If they had crapped on me this’d be a different story.

fat man and the birds

taken on my phone–pardon the lowish quality




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