pictures i owe you from graduations

30 08 2008

So all of my students graduated in April.  I’m not a complete failure.  Well–they can technically fail their classes and still graduate, but who cares?

first, the high school:

waiter?  teacher?

waiter or teacher?

one-legged students

entering the graduation chamber


graduation program


some third year boys

teachers happy to get rid of students

picture shuffle

general mayhem in the hallway

discarded shoes

the graduates’ shoes (this may be my favorite picture)

signing away

more yearbook signage

more signage

packing up

packing up one last time

on to the junior high school:


junior high diplomas

they may as well have written "congraturations"


dying hair back to black

出る杭は打たれる ”the nail that sticks up gets hammered down”
(this girl is having her hair dyed back to black)

the last walk

up the hill one more time




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