pictures i owe you from winter

30 08 2008

I’m trying to rectify my lack of posting by posting copious amounts of pictures.

dressing kids up is SO japanese

dressing up kids and dogs alike:  Japan

sleeping kid on a sled

play the theme from Totoro, and this is what happens to a kid

before he fell apart

my snowman, before his head fell off

snowbunny, not the hot kind

snowbunny–the not-so-hot kind

marimokkori.  hokkaido's mascot

Marimokkori.  Hokkaido’s really really really weird/perverted mascot

how exactly does one lose one boot?

how do you lose a boot?

this is the ONLY acceptable dog costume

the ONLY acceptable dog+costume combination ever


see above

prohibitions at morenouma park

no unleashed dogs, no litter, no fires, and no … uh?

ice sculpture

made of ice

Japanese people can sleep anywhere

also made of ice.  Japanese people can sleep anywhere.

"yeah, i made this"

“yeah, I made this”

improvised sunglasses

so I didn’t have sunglasses

painted buoys

painted buoys

ice frozen on a piece of driftwood

ice frozen from dripping off driftwood




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