death of a camera

18 10 2008

My camera and I are finally parting ways, so once I put up the album from last weekend in Osaka, you’ll have to deal with only my words.  Which I’m not writing much of anyway.  My bad.

It was probably due time that she fizzled out.  For 2 years in order to turn the camera on, I had to use some backdoor method involving holding some button for 3 seconds (I missed SO many pictures due to this, btw), and then to turn it off, I needed to take the battery out.  Good times.  Maybe someday I’ll have enough money for a new one, but until then, say hello to Mr. Wordy McWorderson.


pictures i owe you from graduations

30 08 2008

So all of my students graduated in April.  I’m not a complete failure.  Well–they can technically fail their classes and still graduate, but who cares?

Here’s the third in a series of many.


13 04 2008

I finally added the last entry from winter vacation, aptly titled the last night.  Aren’t I witty?